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Institute of Cell Biology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Department of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology


The main research topics:


  • Mechanisms of degradation of peroxisomal and cytosolic proteins in yeasts.

  • Regulation of flavinogenesis in nonconventional yeasts. Cloning of structural and regulatory genes involved in biosynthesis of riboflavin and its derivatives (flavin coenzymes, roseoflavin) and its.

  • Role of glutathione (GSH) in stress response of methylotrophic yeast cells: cloning of structural and regulatory genes, construction of GSH-overproducing strains, bioaccumulation of heavy metals.

  • Production of biofuel ethanol by fermentation of lignocellulosic hydrolysates by non-conventional yeasts.

  • Construction of microbial strains capable to produce isobutanol (yeasts) and hydrogen (bacteria).

  • Biotechnological production of proteins important for medicine and diagnostics.

  • Development of new combinatorial approaches for cancer treatment.