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Young Scientists Council


The Council of Young Scientists (next YSC) of the Institute of Cell Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine works to involve young people in scientific and scientific-organizational work.


Statute of the Council of Young Scientists.


It consists of young scientists of the institute under the age of 35. Our Institute is one of the youngest institutions in the structure of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine given the average age of scientists. This premise contributed to the formation of the Council to coordinate the efforts of young scientists.


The main tasks of the YSC:


  • annual conferences of young scientists and publication of materials of these conferences;
  • organization of scientific and public events to stimulate scientific research, strengthen ties between the youth of the Institute;
  • informing graduate students and young scientists about scientific activities in Ukraine and abroad;
  • establishment and development of academic and international scientific and cultural cooperation of young scientists;
  • informational assistance to young scientists in applying for awards, scholarships, grants;
  • posting information about the work of the Council and individual young scientists on the website of the Institute of Cell Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


Composition of the Council of Young Scientists of ICB of NAS of Ukraine




Nazar MANKO (Department of Regulation of Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis)



Members of the Council of Young Scientists:


Department of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology


Aksyniia TSARUK



Zuo Ming XING

Anastasya ZAZULYA


Department of Cell Signaling



Department of Regulation of Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis

Nataliya FINIUK



Yuliya KOZAK



Department of Analytical Biotechnology

Nataliya STASYUK


Awards, scholarships and grants of young scientists of the Institute of Cell Biology


  • Grants of the President of Ukraine were obtained by: Bilyy R.О., Filyak Ye.Z., Panchuk R.R., Vynnytska B.О., Shuvayeva G.Y., Chumak V.V., Stasyk N.Y.
  • Short term FEMS grants for young scientists were obtained by: Іshchuk О.P., Yatsyshyn V.Y., Kurylenko О.О., Semkiv М.V., Pynyaha Y.V., Stasyk N.Y., Lysak О.О., Rachkevych N.О., Hryniv О.B., Yurkiv М.Т., Demkiv О.М., Vasylyshyn R.V.
  • Individual grants of Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) were obtained by: Chen О.І.
  • Individual grants for PhD students in the framework of Ukrainian-Polish-Swedish project VISBY were obtained by: Hryniv О.B., Lysak О.О., Luzhetskyi Т.B., Uzhenkov О.S., Kurylenko О.О., Semkiv M.V.
  • Individual research grants for young scientists WUBMRC: West-Ukrainian BioMedical Research Center were obtained by: Маgоrivska І.B., Smutok О.V., Kurlishchuk Y.V., Filyak Ye.Z., Panchuk R.R., Senkiv J.V., Lyniv L., Rzhepetskyy Y., Bilyy R.О., Stasyuk N.Y., Tomin А.М., Chumak V.V., Finiuk N.S., Chen О.І., Lehka L.V., Dumych Т.І., Denega І.О., Myronovsky S.L.
  • Annual NAS of Ukraine scholarships (2000-2020) were obtained by: Stasyk О.V., Ilnytska О.М., Dmytruk К.V., Nazarko Т.Y., Shuvayeva G.Y., Bilyy R.О., Pynyaha Y.V., Nazarko V.Y., Panchuk R.R., Kurylenko О.О., Semkiv M.V., Vasylyshyn R.V., Kozak J.S.
  • Annual scholarships of President of Ukraine (2000-2020) were obtained by: Dmytruk К.V., Panchuk R.R., Shuvayeva G.Y., Filyak Ye.О., Smutok О.V., Bilyy R.О., Маgоrivska І.B., Stasyuk N.Y., Vasylyshyn R.V., Kurylenko О.О., Finiuk N.S., Panchuk R.R., Semkiv M.V.
  • Annual Award of President of Ukraine for young scientists were obtained by: Finiuk N.S., Senkiv J.V., Stasyuk N.Y., Panchuk R.R., Lysak О.О., Kurylenko О.О., Semkiv M.V.
  • The award of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the most talented scientists in the field of fundamental and applied research and scientific and technical developments was received by: Stasyuk N.Y., Panchuk R.R.
  • Individual awards within the Biotechnology Initiative launched by the US-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) for young scientists – specialists in biotechnology "40 Under 40 Emerging Leaders in Biotech" in 2018 were awarded to: Kurylenko О.О., Semkiv M.V., Stasyuk N.Y.
  • Under the program "Lviv system of researchers" from the Lviv City Council in 2019 received annual scholarships: Kurylenko О.О., Semkiv M.V., Panchuk R.R.
  • Lviv Regional State Administration rewards for young scientists (2000-2020) were obtained by:

    1. Petryshyn А.
    2. Stasyk О.
    3. Yakymovych М.

    1. Каpustyak К.
    2. Ryabova О.
    3. Каshchak N.

    1. Іshchuk О.
    2. Shuvayeva G.
    3. Palyvoda О.

    1. Кrasovska О.
    2. Stasyk О.
    3. Pavlishko G.

    1. Pynyaha Y.
    2. Smutok О.
    3. Bilyy R.

    1. Nazarko V.
    2. Filyak Ye.
    3. Mayevska О.

    1. Panchuk R.
    2. Paryzhak S.
    3. Rohulya О.

    1. Vynnytska B.
    2. Dmytruk К.

    1. Polupanov А.
    2. Kurylenko О.
    3. Маhоrivska І.

    1. Yatsyshyn V.
    2. Тоmin А.
    3. Kurlishchuk Y.

    1. Bilyy R.
    2. Dmytruk О.
    3. Semkiv М.

    1. Rachkevych N.
    2. Chen О.

    1. Stasyuk N.Y.
    2. Dumych Т.І.

    1. Chumak V.V.
    2. Lysak О.О.

    1. Finiuk N.S.
    2. Yurkiv М.Т.

    1. Senkiv J.V.
    2. Lehka L.V.

    1. Chen О.І.
    2. Kurylenko О.О.

    1. Panchuk R.R.
    2. Semkiv M.V.

    1. Kozak J.S.
    2. Vasylyshyn R.V.
    3. Manko N.O.

Institute of Cell Biology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


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