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Institute of Cell Biology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Department of Regulation of Cell Proliferation


The main research topics:


  • molecular mechanisms of regulation of proliferation and apoptosis of the tumor and immune mammalian cells;

  • role of transforming growth factor type beta in the mechanisms of tumor cell resistance to specific anticancer drugs and in the action of doxorubicine;

  • search for and identification of novel plasma membrane glycoprotein markers of the programmed cell death (apoptosis);

  • study of the role of novel proto-oncogene - pituitary tumor transforming gene - in the immune system;

  • biochemical characteristics of abzymes (catalytically active antibodies) in patients with autoimmune diseases, cancer, and in normal human milk;

  • search for novel natural low molecular substances (alkaloids and tri-terpens) possessing anticancer and immunomodulating activities;

  • testing of novel nanoscale materials (mineral and polymer) with conjugated functional elements (specific lectin or immunoglobulin) and label (fluorescent dye or super-paramagnetic core) for biomedical application (ex. drug and gene delivery) - developed in collaboration with the Department of Organic Chemistry of National University «Lviv Polytechnic»);

  • cellular and molecular mechanisms of anticancer action of novel antibiotics of landomycin family;

  • cellular and molecular mechanisms of anticancer action of novel 4-thiazolidone derivatives - developed in collaboration with Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University);

  • molecular mechanisms of cancer-dependent endogenous intoxication in tumor-bearing experimental animals (mice).