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  1. Farré J.C., Carolino K., Stasyk O.V., Stasyk O.G., Hodzic Z., Agrawal G., Till A., Proietto M., Cregg J., Sibirny A.A., Subramani S. A New Yeast Peroxin, Pex36, a Functional Homolog of Mammalian PEX16, Functions in the ER-to-Peroxisome Traffic of Peroxisomal Membrane Proteins // Journal of Molecular Biology. – 2017. – V.429 (23). – P.3743-3762. (IF=4.632)
  2. Ruchala J., Kurylenko O.O., Soontorngun N., Dmytruk K.V., Sibirny A.A. Transcriptional activator Cat8 is involved in regulation of xylose alcoholic fermentation in the thermotolerant yeast Ogataea (Hansenula) polymorpha // Microbial Cell Factories – 2017 – V.16 (1). – P.36. (IF=3.681)
  3. Semkiv M., Dmytruk K., Abbas C., Sibirny A. Metabolic engineering for high glycerol production by the anaerobic cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae // Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. – 2017. – V.101 (11). – P. 4403-4416. (IF=3.420)
  4. Zhybak M., Fayura L., Boretsky Yu. , Gonchar M., Sibirny A., Dempsey E., Turner A., Korpan Y. Amperometric L-arginine- selective biosensor based on a novel recombinant arginine deiminase // Microchim Acta. - 2017.- V.184. - P.2679- 2686. (IF=4.580)
  5. Fedorovych D.V., Yurkiv M.T., Kolodii O.M., Kurylenko O.O, Grabek-Lejko D., Sibirny A.A. The role of glutathione in detoxification of chromate by Hansenula (Ogataea) polymorpha yeast. // In: - Factors in Experimental evolution of organisms Kiev, 2017, V.21. - P.82-86.


Chapters in Monographs:

  1. Biotechnology of Glycerol Production and Conversion in Yeasts / M. Semkiv, K. Dmytruk, C. Abbas, A. Sibirny // Biotechnology of Yeasts and Filamentous Fungi, A. A. Sibirny, Ed., ed: Springer International Publishing, 2017. – P. 117-148.
  2. Development of the thermotolerant methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha as efficient ethanol producer / K. Dmytruk, O. Kurylenko, J. Ruchala, O. Ishchuk, A. Sibirny // Yeast diversity in human welfare / ed. by T. Satyanarayana, G. Kunze. Springer, Singapore, 2017. – P. 257-282.
  3. Genetic improvement of conventional and nonconventional yeasts for the production of first- and second-generation ethanol / K. Dmytruk, O. Kurylenko, J. Ruchala, C. Abbas, A. Sibirny // Biotechnology of yeasts and filamentous fungi / ed. by A. Sibirny. Springer, 2017. – P. 1-38.
  4. Molecular studies of the flavinogenic fungus Ashbya gossypii and the flavinogenic yeast Candida famata / O.O. Lyzak, R. Ledesma-Amaro, K.V. Dmytruk, A.A. Sibirny, J.L. Revuelta // ibid, P.281-296.
  5. Yeast-based systems for environmental control. G. Gayda, M. Gonchar, A. Sibirny // ibid, P.373-390.