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Year Published scientific articles Total impact factor  
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international journals
2008 24 10 20.151 View publications
2009 19 4 5.746 View publications
2010 10 7 16.814 View publications
2011 10 6 20.107 View publications
2012 19 9 28.724 View publications
2013 28 15 32.456 View publications
2014 29 15 78.857 View publications
2015 34 14 48.730 View publications
2016 29 17 41.635 View publications
2017 20 12 37.296 View publications



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  2. Ostash B., Korynevska A., Stoika R., Fedorenko V. Chemistry and biology of Landomycins, an expanding family of polyketide natural products. // Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry. 2009. V. 9, N9, P.1040-1051. (IF=2.865)
  3. Bilyy R, Tomyn A, Kit Y, Podhorodecki A, Misiewicz J, Nyk M, Strek W, Stoika R. Detection of dying cells using lectin-conjugated fluorescent and luminescent nanoparticles. // Mat.-wiss. u. Werkstofftech. 2009, V.40, No 4. Р. 234 – 237. (IF=0.356)
  4. Havrylyuk A., Bilyy R., Tolstyak J., Kril I., Synenka M., Zabek J., Palacz A., Bogaczewicz J., Chopyak V., Stoika R. Evaluation of immunological criteria for rheumatoid arthritis. Central European Journal of Immunology. 2009. V.34, N3, P. 176-181.
  5. Magorivska I., Bilyy R., Shalay O., Loginsky V., Kit Y., Stoika R. Blood serum immunoglobulines of patients with multiple myeloma are capable of hydrolysing histone H1. // Exp. Oncol. 2009, V. 31, No 2, P. 1-5.
  6. Kit Yu.Ya., Magoryvska I.B., Gavrylyuk A.M., Chopʼyak B.B., Bilyy R.O., Stoika R.S. Proteolytic activity of IgG of blood serum of patients with systemic lupus erythematosis. Ukr. Biochem. J. 2009. V.81, No 3. P. 78-84.
  7. Kozak M.R., Vlizlo V.V., Kit Yu.Ya., Stoika R.S. Biological features of immunoglobulins of class G in mice fed for a long time with brain of cattle. Ukr. Biochem. J. 2009. V.81, No 3. P. 84-91.
  8. Kozak M.R., Kit Yu.Ya., Vlizlo V.V., Stadnyk V.V., Stoika R.S. Level of physiological form of prion in brain and spleen and anti-PRPc –antibodies in blood serum of mice is dependent of their ration. Studia Biologica. 2009. V. 3, No 1. P. 73-78.
  9. Panchuk R.R., Boiko N.M., Stoika R.S. Molecular mechanisms of apoptosis induction in murine lymphoma NK/Ly under chemotherapy in vivo. Studia Biologica. 2009. V. 3, No 1. P. 35-44.



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