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Department of Cell Signaling




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2008 3   ___ View publications
2009 5   ___ View publications
2010 3   ___ View publications
2011 11   12.795 View publications
2012 5   13.262 View publications
2013 4   7.464 View publications
2014 5   6.876 View publications
2015 4   8.659 View publications



  1. Bobak Y.P., Vynnytska B.O., Kurlishchuk Y.V., Sibirny A.A., Stasyk O.V. Cancer cell sensitivity to arginine deprivation in vitro is not determined by endogenous levels of arginine metabolic enzymes // Cell Biol Int.-2010.-V.34 (11).-P.1085–1089.
  2. Stadnyk V.V., Izyumovaa L.A., Rzhepetskiy Y.A., Mayor C.Y., Vlizlo V.V. The Antisense Oligonucleotides Decrease Expression of the Cellular Prion // Letters in Drug Design & Discovery.- 2010,-V.7.- P.23-26.
  3. Jóźwiak J., Rzhepetskiy Y., Sobczak M., Kocik E., Skórzewski R., Kłopocka W., Rędowicz M.J. Amebin a novel Amoeba Proteus actin-bundling protein inhibits actomyosin ATPase activity and is essential for Amoeba migration // Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics.- 2010, (published ahead of print).


Tutorials and methodical editions:

  1. Chemistry of the Protein: texbook: [for university students] / [ N.О. Sybyrna, М.V. Gonchar, І.V. Brodyak, О.G. Stasyk, М.L. Barska] edited by Prof. N.О. Sybyrna. - Lviv: Ivan Franko Lviv national University. 2010 - pp.393 . Labeled by MES of Ukraine.