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Institute of Cell Biology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Department of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology


Laboratory of Metabolic Engineering



Head: Kostyantyn Dmytruk

Phone: +38 032 261 21 42 / +38 050 66 16 886

E-mail: dmytruk77(at)

Position: Head of Lab

Degrees: Doctor of Biological Sciences, Senior Scientist, Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine


A Structural Laboratory of Metabolic Engineering has been established based on the same named non-structural laboratory within the Department of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology by the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute of cell Biology NAS of Ukraine dated January 20, 2022, Protocol No. 1, and put into effect by Order No. 02/OD dated January 21, 2022.


Scientific interests:

  • Yeast for the biosynthesis of biologically active compounds;
  • Construction of yeast strains displaying target proteins on the cell wall surface.



List of Publications



  • STCU Project 5505 (The Science & Technology Center in Ukraine), 01.12.2011 – 01.05.2013. Metabolic engineering of methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha for increasing ethanol productivity during high-temperature xylose fermentation.
  • STCU Project 5729 (The Science & Technology Center in Ukraine), 01.12.2012 – 01.05.2014. Metabolic engineering of the yeast Candida famata for construction of robust riboflavin producers.
  • IPBU.03.01.00-18-452/11, 2013-2015. Scientific integration of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland area in the field of monitoring and detoxification of harmful substances in environment.
  • STCU Project 6188 (The Science & Technology Center in Ukraine), 01.08.2016 – 31.07.2018. In silico metabolic modelling of the yeast Hansenula polymorpha for the improvement of xylose fermentation.
  • NRFU 2020.01/0080, 2020-2021. SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development based on the yeast expression of S protein fragments and studying immune response in the laboratory animals.
  • NRFU 2020.01/0090, 2020-2021. Development of yeast producers of new flavine antibiotics.



  • Dmytruk K.V. – leading scientist, Ph.D.;
  • Fayura L.R. – scientist, PhD;
  • Dzanayeva L.S. – scientist, PhD;
  • Tsyrulnyk A.O. – leading engineer;
  • Tkachenko V.I. – engineer.