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Institute of Cell Biology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Young Scientists Council


The main aim of the Young Scientists Council (next YSC) of the Institute of Cell Biology, NAS of Ukraine is to attract youth to the scientific and organizational work of the Institute.


The Young Scientists Council consists of young scientists of the Institute under the 35 years.


Our Institute is one of the youngest schools in the structure of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine regards to the average age of scientists. This was one of the prerequisites to establish the Council for coordination the exertion of young scientists.


The main tasks of the YSC:


  • Preparation and leading of the Annual conference of young scientists and publication of theses;
  • Organization of scientific and social events to encourage scientific research and to strengthen relation of youth;
  • Informing graduate students and young scientists about scientific events in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Establishing and developing of the academic and international scientific and cultural cooperation between young scientists;
  • Informing youth about awards, scholarships and grants and next their subserveience;
  • Reporting about the YSC and some young scientists work on the website of the Institute of Cell Biology, NAS of Ukraine.


The board of the Young Scientists Council (confirmed on February 1, 2014):


Chairman of the board:


Orest Hryniv (Department of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology)



Deputy chairmans of the board:


Оleh Smutok (Department of Analytical Biotechnology)



Yuriy Rzhepetskyy (Department of Cell Signaling)



Nataliya Finiuk (Department of Regulation of Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis)



Members of the Young Scientists Council:


Department of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology

Orest Hryniv

Taras Luzhetskyy

Маrtа Semkiv


Department of Cell Signaling

Yuriy Rzhepetskyy

Olexandr Senchuk

Іryna Deneha


Department of Regulation of Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis

Rostyslav Panchuk

Yuliya Senkiv

Nataliya Finiuk


Department of Analytical Biotechnology

Оleh Smutok

Maria Svintozelska

Maria Karkovska

Nataliya Stasyuk


Scholarships and Grants for Young Scientists of the Institute of Cell Biology


  • Grant of President of Ukraine was obtained by: Bilyy R.О., Filyak Ye.Z., Panchuk R.R., Vynnytska B.О., Shuvayeva G.Y.
  • Short term FEMS grants for young scientists were obtained by: Іshchuk О.P., Yatsyshyn V.Y., Kurylenko О.О., Semkiv М.V., Pynyaha Y.V., Stasyk N.Y., Lysak О.О.
  • Annual NAS of Ukraine scholarships (2000-2014) were obtained by: Stasyk О.V., Ilnytska О.М., Dmytruk К.V., Nazarko Т.Y., Shuvayeva G.Y., Bilyy R.О., Pynyaha Y.V., Nazarko V.Y., Panchuk R.R.
  • Annual scholarships of President of Ukraine (2000-2014) were obtained by: Dmytruk К.V., Panchuk R.R., Shuvayeva G.Y., Filyak Ye.О., Smutok О.V., Bilyy R.О.
  • Lviv Regional State Administration rewards for young scientists (2000-2013) were obtained by:

    1. Petryshyn А.
    2. Stasyk О.
    3. Yakymovych М.

    1. Каpustyak К.
    2. Ryabova О.
    3. Каshchak N.

    1. Іshchuk О.
    2. Shuvayeva G.
    3. Palyvoda О.

    1. Кrasovska О.
    2. Stasyk О.
    3. Pavlishko G.

    1. Pynyaha Y.
    2. Smutok О.
    3. Bilyy R.

    1. Nazarko V.
    2. Filyak Ye.
    3. Mayevska О.

    1. Panchuk R.
    2. Paryzhak S.
    3. Rohulya О.

    1. Vynnytska B.
    2. Dmytruk К.

    1. Polupanov А.
    2. Kurylenko О.
    3. Маhоrivska І.

    1. Yatsyshyn V.
    2. Тоmin А.
    3. Kurlishchuk Y.

    1. Bilyy R.
    2. Dmytruk О.
    3. Semkiv М.

    1. Rachkevych N.
    2. Chen О.