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2008 24 10 20.151 View publications
2009 19 4 5.746 View publications
2010 10 7 16.814 View publications
2011 10 6 20.107 View publications
2012 19 9 28.724 View publications
2013 28 15 32.456 View publications
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  1. Grabiec A.M., Korchynskyi O., Tak P.P., Reedquist K.A. (2012) Histone deacetylase inhibitors suppress rheumatoid arthritis fibroblast-like synoviocyte and macrophage IL-6 production by accelerating mRNA decay. Annals Rheumat. Dis. 71, No 3, P.424-431. (IF=9.111)
  2. Prylutska S. Water-Soluble Pristine Fullerenes C60 Increase the Specific Conductivity and Capacity of Lipid Model Membrane and form the Channels in Cellular Plasma Membrane / S. Prylutska, R. Bilyy, M. Overchuk, A. Bychko, K. Andreichenko, R. Stoika, V. Rybalchenko, Yu. Prylutskyy, N. G. Tsierkezos, U. Ritter // Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology. – 2012. – Vol. 8. – Р. 522–527 ISSN: 1550-7033, (IF=5.256)
  3. Bilyy R. O. Macrophages discriminate glycosylation patterns of apoptotic cell-derived microparticles / R. O. Bilyy, T. Shkandina, A. Tomin, L. E. Munoz, S. Franz, V. Antonyuk, Y. Y. Kit, M. Zirngibl, B. G. Fuernrohr, C. Janko, K. Lauber, M. Schiller, G. Schett, R. S. Stoika, M. Herrmann // Journal of Biological Chemistry. – 2012. – Vol. 287 (1). – P. 496–503 (IF=4.651)
  4. Falfushynska H. Evaluation of biotargeting and ecotoxicity of Co2+-containing nanoscale polymeric complex by applying multi-marker approach in bivalve mollusk Anodonta cygnea / H. Falfushynska, L. Gnatyshyna, O. Stoliar, N. Mitina, T. Skorokhoda, Y. Filyak, A. Zaichenko, R. Stoika // ChemoSphere. – 2012. – Vol. 88, N 8. – P. 925–936 (IF=3.137)
  5. Prylutska S. Effect of iron-doped multi-walled carbon nanotubes on lipid model and cellular plasma membranes / S. Prylutska, R. Bilyy, T. Schkandina, A. Bychko, V. Cherepanov, K. Andreichenko, R. Stoika, V. Rybalchenko, Yu Prylutskyy, P. Scharff, U. Ritter // Materials Science and Engineering С. – 2012. – Vol. 32. – Р. 1486–1489 (ISSN: 0921-5093, (IF=2.404)
  6. Shkandina T, Herrmann M, Bilyy R. Sweet kiss of dying cell: Sialidase activity on apoptotic cell is able to act toward its neighbors. Autoimmunity 2012; 45:574-578. (IF=2.525)
  7. Horbay RO, Manko BO, Manko VV, Lootsik MD, Stoika RS. (2012) Respiration characteristics of mitochondria in parental and giant transformed cells of the murine Nemeth-Kellner lymphoma. Cell Biol Int. 36(1): P.71-77. (IF=1.64)
  8. Kunitskaya L.R., Zheltonozhskaya T.B., Permyakova N.M., Stoika R.S., Boiko N.M., Sjlyakhtina Ye.A. Anion micelle-forming triblock copolymers as nanoocntainers for doxorubicin. Proceedings of the International Conference Nanomaterials: Applications and Properties. – 2012. – Vol. 1, N2. – P. 02NNBM10(3pp).
  9. Panchuk R.R. Study of molecular mechanisms of proapoptotic action of novel heterocyclic 4-thiazolidone derivatives / R.R. Panchuk, V.V. Chumak, M.R. Filʼ, D.Ya. Havrylyuk, B.S. Zimenkovsky, R.B. Lesyk, R.S. Stoika // Biopolymers and Cell. – 2012. – Vol. 28, N 2. – P. 121–128 (ISSN: 0233-7657).
  10. Gudz E. A., Hula N. M., Goridko T. N., Bashta Y. M., Voyeikov A. I., Berdyshev A. G., Kosiakova H. V., Panchuk R. R., Stoika R. S., Ryabtseva A. A., Zaichenko O. S. Antitoxic and antioxidant effects of n-stearoylethanolamin in the content of nanocomposite complex with doxorubicin in organs of mice with lewis carcinoma // Ukrainian Biochemical Journal. – 2012. – Vol. 84, N 4. – P. 61–69 (ISSN: 0201-8470).
  11. Riabtseva A., Mitina N., Boiko N., Garasevich S., Yanchuk I., Stoika R., Slobodyanyuk O., Zaichenko A. Structural and colloidal-chemical characteristics f nanosized drug delivery systems based on pegylatedcomb-like carriers // Chemistry & Chemical Technology. – Vol. 6, N 3. – 2012. – P. 291–295 (ISSN: 1996-4196).
  12. Panchak L. V., Klyuchivska O. Yu., Tsivinska M. V., Stoika R. S., Lesyk R. B., Antonyuk V. O. The chemical composition and antiproliferative activity of fractions of the methanol extract from the basidiomes of Lactarius pergamenus (Fr.)Fr // Biotechnologia. – 2012. – Vol. 5, N 1. – P. 78–85.
  13. Korchynskyi O. G. Adenoviral vectors: convenient tools for gene delivery to primary mammalian cells // Biotechnologia. – 2012. – Т. 5, №6. – С. 16-26.
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  15. Tomin А. М., Bilyy R. O., Kit Yu.Ya., Kril I. J., Butters T. D., Stoika R. S. Apoptotic modification of glycosphingolipids of human granulocytes // Studia Biologica. – 2012. – Т. 6, № 2. – С. 45–54.
  16. Panchuk R. R., Skorokhyd N. R., Chumak V. V., Lehka L. V., Moiseenok A. G., Berger W., Stoika R. S. Selenium-containing compounds and d-panthetine modulate the action of doxorubicin and cisplatin towards drug-resistant tumor cells // Studia Biologica. – 2012. – Vol. 6, N 1. – P. 5–19.
  17. Senkiv Yu. V., Ryabtseva A. R., Heffeter P.,. Boiko N. M, Shlyakhtina E. A., Mitina N. E., Berger W., Zaichenko O. S., Stoika R. S. Immobilization of doxorubicin on the olygoeleсtrolytic polymeric carrier vep-gma-peg increases its and anticancer activity cellular uptake // Studia Biologica. – 2012. – Vol. 6, N 2. – P. 5–16.
  18. Lootsik M.D., Lutsik M.M., Stoika R.S. Sapogenins isolated from the greater celandine (Chelidonium majus L.) seeds potentiate a therapeutic effect of vinblastin towards murine NK/Ly lymphoma // Studia Biologica. – 2012. – Vol. 6, N 3. – P. 29–38.
  19. Finiuk N. S., Vitak T. Y., Mitina N. Y., Filyak Y. Z., Zaichenko O. S., Stoika R. S. Polyplex formation by novel surface active comb-like polyamfolytes and plasmid dna // Biotechnologia. – 2012. – Vol. 5, N 6. – P. 66–72.


Chapters in Monographs:

  1. Novel Serine-Protease Like Catalytic Antibodies with Double Substrate Proteolytic Activity in Human Blood Serum and Colostrums / Yu. Kit, M. Starykovych, I. Mahorivska, R. Bilyy, R. Stoika // Serine Proteases: Mechanism, Structure and Evolution. Editors: Isamu Chiba and Takao Kamio. – Nova Sci. Publ., Inc., Hauppauge – NY, 2012. – P. 71–89.
  2. Hemolytic Lectins from the Higher Mushroom / V. О. Antonyuk, R. S. Stoika // Mushrooms: Types, Properties, and Nutrition. Editors: Sophie Andres and Niko Baumann. – New York: Nova Publiciers, 2012. – Р. 195–214.


Methodological Manuals:

Methods of control of knowledge on histological preparations and electronic microphotographs in histology of organ systems / Bilyy R.O., Nakonechna O.V., Yashchenko A.М., Lutsik О.D. Lviv. Danylo Halitsky Lviv National Medical University, 2012. 46 p.